You are not alone!

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Don’t feel guilty if you’re too sick to do things. You have value simply because you are, even if you cannot be “productive” in the way to which you were accustomed. Learn to cherish your very existence
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April is National Sexual Assault Awareness Month


I think this is very important for everyone to know, because the awareness of sexual assault needs to be raised. Both women and men face this struggle every day without deserving it, and it is often not taken seriously by most of society. Please help spread the awareness and change the stigma of sexual assault so that no one feel guilty, ashamed, or alone. You are not alone.


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*high fives your ass*

*asks for consent before high fiving your ass*

Anonymous asked:
I keep seeing info graphics describing what a "no" is...we all know the ones I'm talking about. I feel guilty because I said "wait". And the graphic just makes me feel like maybe I wasn't clear enough. Maybe it all could have been avoided. ..


Anything but enthusiastic, freely given, uncoerced consent is a no. 

You have absolutely no reason to feel guilty. The requirement shouldn’t be a clear “no” but a clear “yes.”

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a little comic dedicated to a friend

I needed this really bad. thank you.


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